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-been working on some fic's that have been sitting in my drafts folder, I have sadly been neglecting due to work and school. I'm really excited about this longer work that I have been working on-- it will be one of the longer things that I have written in a while.
Avada Kedavra

A Year Without Love.

A year without love, it seems like an eternity sometimes. I always see those couples in the hallways and they look so happy, Happy that they don't have to do anything alone and always have someone to share their feelings with and talk until you both fall asleep on the phone. I don't think i'll ever experience that which makes me sad. i'm tired of being alone and lonely.
Harry potter is love


It's been a while since I've posted because I've mainly just lurking and reading my fanfiction. But since I've broken the screen on my previous iPod touch and then I went to buy the new version 64 gb. I'm happy with my choice everything is better. My apps don't crash I can multi-task and take pics! One thing I'm not happy is the way apple treated me! The bastards! Lol. Anyway I know this going to be a great new year! love you guys. Muah

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Harry potter is love

Fic Search: Puzzle Obssesion/ Family intrusion

 I am looking for two things

1. It was more than one story where Draco loved solving puzzles and what not to the point where he was obsessed. Harry banned Draco from puzzles but somehow Draco somehow manages to get them.
and thinking about this has made me wonder if anyone has any stories where Draco has OCD? if so please let me know.

2.Is there any stories where Harry and Draco are together and Dudley or the Dursleys have to stay with them??

Thanks for all the help!
Harry potter is love

Sweet Summer!!!!!!

 Oh the joy if summer is here. Yay.

I plan to spend all my time reading fanfiction.

I just read  And All That Jazz by Kurla talk about getting your heart torn out and waterworks at the end. OMG

Any hoot! What are your summer plans?
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I need a girl..??

On thursday i broke up with my girlfriend.  It was going to happen sooner or later. It's just that we were not meant to be togther. she's way too in the closet for me. She's just a way bitchier, annoying, less intresting version of me. I should have just stayed friends with her instead of turing a friendship into a romance. I couldn't take all the arguments and all her jelousy. I SWEAR it drove me insane everytime she brought up my ex. she'd all ways text me 24/7 and never have an intresting conversation. Then out of the blue she'd feel the need to bring up the subject of my mother, which i didn't very much appriciate. I gave the relationship a chance just like everyone told me and now i have an ex girlfriend who is a creepy stalker. I can't wait until school ends. I'll be way to happy.
Even through all that drama i had to endure i'd say i've learned somethings and gained some insight.  I think I was in love with her but its just her actions that pushed me away from her. Now most of the time i'm avoiding her which is hard because she's in my second period and she basically knows my class schedule. Now i belive that she told her friends and now everyone thinks i'm some kind of heartless bitch, which would just reinforce the rumors Alease and her "friends" spread around about me. (eye roll) I don't mean to be so mean to her but i'm trying to not send mixed signals to her. I'm not going to keep walking her to class, writing her poems, walking her to the bus. I just want some space and i'm trying to send the message that a "us" won't ever be happening again. Is that so mean? Is that so wrong? If it is fuck it because i'm just trying to be truthful and i can't and won't sugar coat anyhting for anyone. Why the fuck can't i get along with my ex's? Geez. While i was trying to explain this to Adrinne( girlfriend i just broke up with BTW.) on walk to the bus after we broke up I believe Mr.Colbert heard us arguging and i think he thinks were just a couple of fighting lesbians he has to worry about. which is impossible because i'm not a lesbian. I wish people would get that through their thick skulls. I'm bisexual BIG diffrence. 

On other notes;

June 16th i'll be moving to Texas to stay with my dad. I'm very excited about this even though my leaving date has been pushed back due to my father going out of town for a buisness trip. I was suppose to leave on the 29th of May the day after school ends. Oh well this gives me time to read the Sleeping Beauty Triology by anne rice.
 I'll write more later!